About The Farm Project

We glorify God and share Jesus Christ by creating sustainable business projects that provide an honest living for our friends in the war-torn region of Northern Uganda.

Why Uganda?

Uganda became independent from Britain in 1962 and since has struggled with military and political coups leaving the country in consistent turmoil.

The most recent conflict resulted in the creation of various rebel groups whose aim was to overthrow the government. The most notorious and violent of which was led by Joseph Kony’s Lord Resistance Army. Kony’s arm used countless children as solders and sex slaves to carry out it’s mission.  Although, the Lord’s Resistance army is still active, since the Juba peace talks in 2005, they no longer operate out of Uganda.

Despite the end of the Lord Resistance Army’s and other rebel groups occupation of the country, the citizens of Uganda still struggle to have basic needs met due to the widespread destruction of communities, families, as well as a crumbling economy and infrastructure. This has left Ugandans with little to depend on and has created a culture of dependency on UN and Western aid.

The Farm Project’s mission is to provide long-term sustainable jobs and resources for our friends in Uganda. We work with local leaders to set up profitable, sustainable business and provide startup capital and consulting throughout the process.

Our History

The Farm Project began with a group of dedicated individuals who visited Pader, Uganda and fell in love with the people, the place, and their passion for the gospel.

However, they were saddened as they saw the desperate poverty that most families lived in and the uncertainty in their eyes as to when their next meal would be.

The group left the people of Pader promising that they would be back and that they were committed to helping create sustainable jobs in the local community.

After much prayer and reflection, we decided to help locals create sustainable business projects that provide an honest living for our friends in Uganda. We work with them from the beginning on the process by helping them create a business plan and then follow up with consulting and capital to help get the business off the ground.

Although the mission has been challenging, we have seen much fruit since starting the Farm Project. During the next phase of our work, we plan to expend our efforts to other communities while continuing to build sustainable projects in Pader. We cannot do this alone – we rely fully on leaders who God connects to this vision and helps us launch new business with our friends in Uganda. We are excited about what the LORD is doing and believe wholeheartedly that he will “restore the years the locusts have taken.” (Joel 2:25). Will you join us?

Our Projects


As the cornerstone and inspiration for the Farm Project, we have been working with local ministries and church in Pader since early 2016. During this time, we have invested in land for agricultures projects, provided capital for a bakery, and various other projects that are of interest to the community and have the potential to be sustainable. Our team provides oversight, investment capital, and accountability until projects become self-sustaining.

Satisfy Project

“for he satisfies the thirsty
and fills the hungry with good things.”
Psalm 107:9

The Satisfy Project is our newest venture and is a collaboration with Empower One – a South Sudan based ministry that trains church planters and send indigenous missionaries to unreached areas. Together, we are working to provided needed resources to the South Sudan area – specifically in Bidi Bidi which is currently the largest refugee camp in the world.

We are raising support to dig wells, provide ovens, food, and training for pastors of the church’s in the camp. To support this important effort, join us at the Bless Foundation event.